Hideaway Resort
Experience a luxurious vacation
where you can immerse yourself in the local scenery
and culture at a vacation rental.
Beach Villas
Have a memorable adventure
at Setouchi's glamping.


A luxurious dining kitchen with a view of the ocean, a spacious bathroom, and an attractive wood deck with an olive tree counter table are the highlights of this facility. It also offers a range of tools such as fishing gear, a cinema set, and a barbecue set to ensure unforgettable experiences. This is the perfect facility for those who want to fully enjoy outdoor activities by the seaside.


Why not break free from your everyday routine and enjoy a new adventure at Setouchi's glamping? You can relax under the starry sky in a luxurious space surrounded by rich nature or engage in thrilling outdoor activities. Experience the unique comfort of glamping and the excitement of the great outdoors to the fullest. You can enjoy a luxurious time with the beautiful scenery of Setouchi.
Setouchi's Beach Lounge with
a breathtaking view of the scenic
beauty of the many islands.


To fully enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea, the interior of the facility features a peninsula-style kitchen with an ocean view, while the outdoor area is equipped with a spacious wood deck, a pergola tent to protect from rain and sunlight, and a Jacuzzi that can be used as an open-air bath with a view.
This is the perfect facility for those who want to spend a luxurious relaxing time by the seaside.


You can enjoy a sophisticated meal while gazing at the beautiful Seto Inland Sea view in the spacious oceanfront space.
Soaking in the jacuzzi and enjoying the magnificent view of the Seto Inland Sea is an incomparable luxurious moment. This location is said to be the most beautiful sunset spot among the Momo islands. Please spend a luxurious time while taking a bath at sunset.


Setouchi Gastronomy Club is a gastro lounge where you can enjoy dishes made with seafood caught in the sea of ​​Momo islands and fishing experiences. In this oceanfront location, you can enjoy delicious food while surrounded by the sounds of waves and birds. The dishes made with local ingredients are fresh and you can taste them while enjoying the stunning views of Momo islands. You can also enjoy fishing in the Seto Inland Sea with activities such as trimaran kayaking and SUP fishing, and learn how to cook seafood at the kitchen of Setouchi Gastronomy Club. With guidance from the club's guide, you can experience the value of ingredients and the joy of cooking through fishing and cooking.



Please enjoy our menu featuring luxurious flavors using abundant seasonal ingredients nurtured by Seto Inland's rich nature. Our drink menu, including craft beer, wine, tea, and fruit juice, is also carefully crafted by local producers. Please do try our excellent local produce such as vegetables, meat, and seafood.


Participants will receive guidance from the guides of Setouchi Gastronomy Club on the types of fish and fishing techniques that can be caught in the Seto Inland Sea, while enjoying the beautiful sea of the Seto Inland Sea. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to experience fishing and use the caught seafood to create original recipes with local chefs, allowing them to taste the joy and deliciousness of acquiring ingredients and cooking. Please choose a plan that suits your needs, either a one-day experience plan (fishing and cooking experience) or a half-day experience plan (cooking experience). A luxurious experience awaits you where you can enjoy the wonderful nature and gourmet food of the Seto Inland Sea.


Why not experience beach activities such as Trimaran Kayaking, SUP, and beach sauna while enjoying the magnificent scenery of the Seto Inland Sea? Trimaran Kayaks are equipped with outriggers on both sides for stability, so even young children can participate with peace of mind. SUPs are large and have high buoyancy and stability, making them enjoyable even for beginners. Depending on the tide and wind direction of the day, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as island hopping to uninhabited islands, cruising around the Momo islands, and fishing.
Another big attraction is the beach sauna that turns the Seto Inland Sea into a cold bath. In the dead of winter, it can become a single-digit Celsius water bath, allowing everyone from serious sauna enthusiasts to those who love extreme experiences to enjoy it.



Why not indulge in a luxurious experience of paddling freely in a Trimaran Kayak while taking in the magnificent views of the surrounding islands in the beautiful Seto Inland Sea? Trimaran Kayaks are highly stable, making it safe for beginners or even children to participate. Let's enjoy a wonderful time, fully savoring the beauty of nature.


Momo Islands in the Seto Inland Sea offers a beautiful landscape for exploration on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). SUPs are large and have excellent buoyancy and stability, making it safe for beginners to participate. You can choose from various courses, such as cruising around the Momo islands, adventuring to uninhabited islands, or fishing. Why not enjoy the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea to the fullest by riding a SUP?


Would you like to experience a unique "Beach Sauna" at the beautiful beaches of the Momo Islands? After sweating in the high-temperature sauna, you can immerse yourself in the waters of the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy the blissful sound of the waves and birds singing. This refreshing Beach Sauna surrounded by the natural beauty of the Momo Islands is perfect for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation for both mind and body. Please give it a try.


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    日帰り海水浴・魚釣り・BBQ利用でおすすめ! ビーチラウンジ瀬戸内美食倶楽部ご滞在プラン

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  • 6月 8, 2023


  • 6月 5, 2023

    Accepting beach activity experiences. A sea and land adventure experience that can only be experienced at Momoshima.

  • 4月 25, 2023

    SUP fishing x Freshly caught seafood sushi experience, held.

  • 4月 14, 2023

    What is the Setouchi Gourmet Club, a local gourmet group made up of local residents, producers, and chefs?

  • 4月 13, 2023

    beach sauna party

  • 4月 7, 2023

    Gastro lounge Setouchi Gourmet Club, pre-opening on April 22nd. 5/1 grand opening.